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LGBTQ+ superheroes for Pride month ❤ 

Nice try but the first 3 are not gay. You Tumblr degenerate send your wishful thinking. seriously do you people have to ruin everything…

Deadpool is pansexual. Loki is bisexual and gender fluid. Wonder Woman is bisexual like all the Amazons. Educate yourself about comic canon before saying something ridiculous.

Do you have any reliable sources that can back this up?

You mean… besides the fucking comics?!

Wonder Woman was shown as canonically bisexual in the main DCU continuity in Wonder Woman: Year One (She was heavily implied to be numerous times before then but it was stated canonically in that comic that she had romantic and sexual relationships with multiple Amazons and left her girlfriend behind to journey to our world to stop the threat of Ares sons bringing chaos and war to the world)

She’s also canonically bisexual in Wonder Woman: Earth One where she straight up tells Steve Trevor that another Amazon is her lover and also in DC Comics Bombshells where she and Mera were girlfriends

Loki is canonically bisexual and generfluid…they have shifted from male to female multiple times stating that both are their real form and Odin, Loki’s father, referred to Loki as “Their child who is both male and female” in a published Marvel comics

And anyone who thinks Deadpool is straight has not only never read the comics but also apparently never been to see either movie either because I’m not sure what part of Deadpool grabbing Colossus’s chrome plated ass and dry humping him made them think “Yeah this is a Totally Straight Hetero Just Bros Being Bros”

Fake fans ? Read the comics. all your faves are queer

Valkyrie is bi IN THE FUCKING MOVIE you can’t even pull that shit…

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