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Writer. Blogger. Book Addict. Hopeless Romantic

Introducing: Penny Reads Podfic

Penny Reads Podfic

Fanfiction is better than real life.

Penelope Wilder (Writer. Blogger. Book Addict. Hopeless Romantic), reads podfic from her favorite AO3 fics and authors. If you're like Penny, you long for podfics of your favorite fanfiction. So here is Penny, making it happen! The pod is launching with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", by one of Penny's favorite BNHA My Hero Academia fanfic authors: Ms_Chunks. That's right, folks, we are starting with Kacchako, rated for Teen and Up Audiences. Podcast episodes will display their corresponding AO3 ratings. Episodes with smut will be labeled "Explicit". Read More:

meet Penny Wilder

About Penny

Penny Wilder (she/ her/ hers) is a queer human, a writer, reviewer, and avid reader of romance and erotic novels. She reads far too many books, plus a metric ton of fanfiction.

She lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and four cats. 

Her favorite thing to do at the end of a very long day is to curl up with her tablet and read.  ack almost as far as her love of reading. Her love of writing dates back almost as far as her love of reading.

Q: Is Penny Wilder Your Real Name?

A: No. Penny Wilder, (aka Penelope Jane Wilder) is my pseudonym. Penny is not a fictional character, my bio is real,  I’m still me. I use Penny Wilder as my pen name for my LGBTQIA fiction writing and blogging. Plus it’s just better if my Mom doesn’t know how much I enjoy reading about 3-ways.

Q: Is there a book before Adam’s Flight? Does Eilli have a book? 

A: There is a book before Adam’s Flight, it’s called Elli’s Fall. I started it after I finished Adam’s Flight as a prequel. It’s progressing, but I haven’t set a release date yet. Adam’s Flight was written in response to the prompt (at the beginning of the book), which is why I ended up starting AF at what was the beginning of Adam’s story, but not really at the beginning of the series. 

Q: Are you Penny Wylder?

A: Nope! My name is Wilder with an “i” not Wylder with a “y’! We are two different writers. Her Facebook page is available HERE.  She writes M/F romance, whereas I write LGBT romance. 


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