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How does Penny rate the books she reviews?

It’s like school! I grade the books I review, with a grade of A-F. Some people go with stars, such as booksellers like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Others go with scales of 1-5 or 1-10. I like A-F, which is also used by Entertainment Weekly and other amazing blogs like Dear Author. One of the other reasons for this is that I can add a + or – when deserved. That works better for me than half stars.

Book Review Ratings Categories:

A: Loved it and is worth owning. (If it goes in this category- it also probably means that Penny will read it multiple times.)
B: Good read. Worth reading for sure.
C: Meh. Average… some things were good, some things were lacking.
D: Not good. Glaring plot holes, horrible story, even worse grammar…maybe should be read if you need to survive captivity.
F/ DNF: F=FAIL or DNF=Did Not Finish. I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t waste your time or money.

Q: Is Penny Wilder Your Real Name?

A: No. Penny Wilder, (aka Penelope Jane Wilder) is my pseudonym. Penny is not a fictional character, my bio is real,  I’m still me. I use Penny Wilder as my pen name for my LGBTQIA fiction writing and blogging. Plus it’s just better if my Mom doesn’t know how much I enjoy reading about 3-ways.

Q: Is there a book before Adam’s Flight? Does Eilli have a book? 

A: There is a book before Adam’s Flight, it’s called Elli’s Fall. I started it after I finished Adam’s Flight as a prequel. It’s progressing, but I haven’t set a release date yet. Adam’s Flight was written in response to the prompt (at the beginning of the book), which is why I ended up starting AF at what was the beginning of Adam’s story, but not really at the beginning of the series.

Q: Are you Penny Wylder?

A: Nope! My name is Wilder with an “i” not Wylder with a “y’! We are two different writers. Her Facebook page is available HERE.  She writes M/F romance, whereas I write LGBT romance.

More FAQ’s Coming Soon!

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