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Love Life

Penny’s Rating: C-

By Rachel Spangler

Publisher Description: “Life coach Elaine Raitt is educated, elegant, and dedicated to her profession. Blue-collar boi Joey Lang is too insecure to even approach her—that is until her well-meaning but meddling best friend Lisa decides to break the ice and makes Joey a life-coaching appointment with Elaine. A session meant to bring clarity only leaves them both feeling more confused about their purpose in life and love.

Will Joey be able to find the strength to chase the woman of her dreams, and even if she does, will Elaine be willing to risk the life she loves for the woman who could be the love of her life?”

When I read the description for this book, I was super excited. My first lesbian book review for Net Galley? Bring it. I tackled it enthusiastically, and overall, I am very sorry to say that I was disappointed. I do however think that where I found the story lacking has more to do with my own personal viewpoint the story itself. It is a well written story, it’s just that the story embodies that whole Bridget Jones’s Diary-ish whiny non-proactive woman thing, and that crap drives me batsh%#t. I’m also not so big on life coaching. I’m not going to get into that here, but that tainted my opinion as well. Again, if you like Bridget Jones’s Diary, think life coaching is awesome, and like f/f romance stories, you’ll probably think this is a great read, so take that into consideration.

So, Joey has a huge crush on life coach Elaine. Instead of asking Elaine out, Joey allows her friend to set her up for a life coaching session with Elaine. When Elaine learns of Joey’s crush, she refuses to end their professional relationship (which has consisted of two life coaching sessions at this point) in order to date Joey. I really thought it was silly that Elaine was so hung up on appearing professional. Really? You couldn’t sever your professional ties with someone who hired you as an independent contractor? It’s not like as a life coach she’s licensed by the state or something. It’s great that she has a strong code of professional ethics, but she uses her code as a shield to hide behind so she doesn’t have to explore her feelings for Joey.

The story really ended up being about a life coach who sucks at living her own life. Oh sweet irony. Elaine spends the entire book doubting her instincts and her attraction to Joey, and Joey spends the whole book being awesome and loving Elaine. Aside from the fact that I spent the book waiting for the characters to get their stuff together, this book did have some very sweet moments, I was just too irritated to enjoy them.

I should also say, the lesson in this book is that you shouldn’t be afraid to live, and you as a reader are supposed to be irritated with the way Elaine handles her attraction for Joey, and their whole relationship throughout the book. In fact, that is really the whole point. Don’t be afraid to take a chance, don’t be so worried about what other people think, and if you like someone, do something about it. Author Ms. Spangler makes her points loud and clear. Not her fault that I have no patience for the way she makes it.

Paperback, 254 pages
Expected publication: April 17th 2012 by Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 1602826552 (ISBN13: 9781602826557)
Edition language: English

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