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Don’t scroll past this – This is important. If we don’t act now fandom life online as we know it could be history, well, the internet as we know it could be history. So if you live in the EU take action and save the internet!



This is about the copyright reform by the EU and it will change a lot of things for websites like AO3, but also for Tumblr and basically every website with user-generated content.
There are two articles that are critical – Article 11 would impose a “link tax” and it would make running a website more expensive. Article 13 would force websites to have mandatory content-filtering requirements on websites in order to search user-generated content for potential copyright infringements. It would lead to content being automatically remove. That might lead to – No more gifs from your favorite TV show, no more fanart, no memes, no more links to an newspaper interview etc.. Sites like YouTube, Tumblr, etc. would probably block out a lot of content just to avoid being sued by publishing companies and entertainment companies.

The law is still debated and therefore we need to act now. The next key vote will be happening in the European Parliament’s JURI committee on 20th/21st of June. So people need to tell their politicians why this law and especially these two article would be a disaster for the freedom of expression online.

What to do?
Here are a number of e-petitions and standardized emails you can send to show that you disagree.

In English

Use your voice, use different ways to protest. If you don’t have much time use the standardized mails, but it is always more effective to write personal emails – so find your personal MEP from your home country here – – google their contact details and write to them. Remind them that in 2019 you will be voting in the next European election.

Hier ein paar Protestoptionen auf Deutsch

Und ich hatte es in einem anderen Post schon mal, aber je mehr Protest desto besser – hier kann man die Abgeordneten kontaktieren –
Am besten alle Wege nutzen. Und es ist immer besser einen personalisierten Text zu schreiben, aber jeder Protest ist besser als keiner. Und immer gerne darauf hinweisen, dass 2019 die nächsten Europwahlen sind.

You want further information?
Here is the call for action of AO3 –

Some infos in English (thanks @katsuefox)

Und hier Infos auf Deutsch:
Nicht nur auf Deutsch, aber alles rund über die Copyright Reform und damit zusammenhängende Dinge –
Weiter Infos:

Please share even if you are not from Europe as some of your followers might be and this is really important as it could lead to serious consequences not only for AO3 but for many platforms that hosts fanart, fanfiction and many other things.

And for that reason I tagged a lot of people underneath as I don’t have so many followers but you have many followers and we together can reach a lot of people and as mentioned before – this is really important as it could change the way fandom can express itself online. (as well as many other negative effects for freedom of expression in general)

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