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Cover Reveal for BAD IDEA by Damon Suede

UPDATE: October 21, 2013, It’s awesome. I read BAD IDEA the day it came out, and yeah, A rating, definitely worth a read. Loved it!

Squeeeeeeeee! I am so freaking excited for this book, you have no idea! Here is the cover reveal for author Damon Suede’s Bad Idea. I know what I am doing on October 21st!


Publisher Description: Some mistakes are worth making.

Reclusive comic book artist Trip Spector spends his life doodling super-square, straitlaced superheroes, hiding from his fans, and crushing on his unattainable boss until he meets the dork of his dreams. Silas Goolsby is a rowdy FX makeup creator with a loveless love life and a secret streak of geek who yearns for unlikely rescues and a truly creative partnership.
Against their better judgment, they fall victim to chemistry, and what starts as infatuation quickly grows tender and terrifying. With Silas’s help, Trip gambles his heart and his art on a rotten plan: sketching out Scratch, a “very graphic novel” that will either make his name or wreck his career. But even a smash can’t save their world if Trip retreats into his mild-mannered rut, leaving Silas to grapple with betrayal and emotions he can’t escape.
What will it take for this dynamic duo to discover that heroes never play it safe?                                           

Release Date: October 21, 2013

Note from Penny: According to Mr. Suede at, Bad Idea is book one in the “Itch” Series, which runs as a parallel narrative to Suede’s “Scratch” series. Yes, the “very graphic novel” that Trip is sketching in Bad Idea, I believe is none other than Horn Gate, book one of the “Scratch” series, which was released in May 2013 by Dreamspinner Press. Horn Gate is a fucking epic short story. If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend it. It’s a treasure. A dirty, dirty treasure. Ironically when I reviewed it on, not only did I state that  Horn Gate was fucking brilliant, dirty, and not at all what I expected, but I also said that it would make a great graphic novel. Little did I know that our Mr. Suede was already writing/ had already written about said graphic novel’s creation. Kudos, Mr. Suede, kudos. I can’t wait.

UPDATE: October 21, 2013, It’s awesome. Iread the book the day it came out, and yeah, A rating, definitely worth a read. Loved it!

DS-Spring12 200About the Author: Damon Suede grew up out-n-proud deep in the anus of right-wing America, and escaped as soon as it was legal. Though new to romance fiction, Damon has been writing for print, stage, and screen for two decades. He’s won some awards, but counts his blessings more often: his amazing friends, his demented family, his beautiful husband, his loyal fans, and his silly, stern, seductive Muse who keeps whispering in his ear, year after year. Get in touch with him at

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Author: Penny Wilder

Penny Wilder is a queer human who writes and reads far too many books. She lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and four cats. Her favorite thing to do at the end of a very long day is to curl up with her tablet and read. She does bookkeeping for nonprofits by day, and by night moonlights as a blogger, artist, illustrator, actor, director, performer, and also sometimes as a business manager for a fledgling theater company. (Not all at once though, because that would be crazy!) She has spent a good deal of her life working in theater; either onstage as a performer, or backstage doing just about every job imaginable. Her love of writing dates back almost as far as her love of reading.

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