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Face it: We all have a cat lady or two in our lives—or we are one ourselves (no shame). When thinking of gifts for these lovers of felines, we are definitely not without options. But what if you want to go beyond yet another cat-printed coffee mug you bought at Walgreens? Well, you’re in luck!

Here are a few gift ideas for the bona fide cat lady in your life on


Meow seconded.

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Author: Penny Wilder

Penny Wilder is a queer human who writes and reads far too many books. She lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and four cats. Her favorite thing to do at the end of a very long day is to curl up with her tablet and read. She does bookkeeping for nonprofits by day, and by night moonlights as a blogger, artist, illustrator, actor, director, performer, and also sometimes as a business manager for a fledgling theater company. (Not all at once though, because that would be crazy!) She has spent a good deal of her life working in theater; either onstage as a performer, or backstage doing just about every job imaginable. Her love of writing dates back almost as far as her love of reading.

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